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The best way to learn about diving at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. Do all the theory online.

Bubble makers is for the adventurous child who loves the water and wants to explore the possibilities that lie beneath the surface. 

Open Water Diver Course

* 3-4 days

Rescue Diver Course

                                           * 3-4 days

Take your diving adventure to whole new level by becoming a rescue diver.

Get into the water and discover the ability to breath underwater, the first step in a life of adventure

Advanced Open Water Diver

* 1-2 days

The next step in your certification as a scuba diver taking you to deeper depths.

Discover Scuba

Min age 10

                                    1-3 hrs

This is your firs step to becoming a certified scuba diver, learn all the skills you need to become proficient in the water

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